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A publication with articles that cover the topics: Huey P. Newton, the newspaper workers on strike at the Herald Examiner, and the "Platform of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense."

An informational pamphlet that provides legal advice regarding individuals' Constitutional rights in encounters with police and officials of the court during arrest, detention, and trial. Deals with issues regarding warrants, affidavits, search &…

An informational "open letter to an American Community" which counsels Anglo citizens on ways to react to new trends in migration, particularly more 'visible' minorities moving into their neighborhoods.

A document detailing the process of neighborhood integration, including housing prices, the buying process, and market conditions.

A legal document which appeals discrimination in housing.

A document that provides questions and answers regarding the Rumford Fair Housing Act.

A document providing information on the proposed housing initiative and the human rights commission in Los Angeles, California.

An article on the relations between the communist party in America and Black Americans and the classification of Black Americans through a Marxist lens as an oppressed people.

A resource detailing means to develop operational unity in the Black community though the church, social and civic organizations, the individual, work stoppage, and economic boycott.

A handout defining Black Nationalism, outlining its reactionary and progressive paths, guerrilla warfare, reforms, socialism and a review of the Communist Party's position.
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