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A press release regarding the defense of Philip Bentley Brooks who was accused of murdering a deputy sheriff during the "Watts Uprising". The document provides case details, comments from his attorney, Kenneth Thomas, and requests for funding from…

A document outlining the 1965 "Watts Uprising", causes, reactions, demands of the Black Community and suggestions on rebuilding the "negro"- white alliance as told by the Communist Party.

A pamphlet encouraging Westminster, Los Angeles residents to seek the aid of programs established by the Community Action Program, including food preparation, budgeting, working with senior citizens, youth programs, with the hopes to raise the…

An explanation of and an invitation to participate in the Community Art and Crafts Program in Watts. The program was started by two community action aides who wished to engage youths who were "hanging around the agency because that's where the action…

A breakdown of consumer data from singles and families in 1960.

A flyer for a community forum on the subject of "Racism and the Disabled," hosted by the Greater Watts Center for Independent Living Inc. as well as the Los Angeles Branch-National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

An instance by instance account of what happened before, during, and after the Century City Peace March.

A resource detailing means to develop operational unity in the Black community though the church, social and civic organizations, the individual, work stoppage, and economic boycott.

An article on the relations between the communist party in America and Black Americans and the classification of Black Americans through a Marxist lens as an oppressed people.

A handout defining Black Nationalism, outlining its reactionary and progressive paths, guerrilla warfare, reforms, socialism and a review of the Communist Party's position.
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