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A short newspaper article reporting the employment opportunities of African American boys and girls from the Watts area, aged 14-24.

A newspaper article regarding a Watts Labor Community Action program for black youth that gives them the opportunity to camp for two weeks in order to take a vacation from the "congestion" of Watts.

Newsletter for the Westminster Neighborhood Association informing community members of the actions taken in the community and statewide by Archie Hardwick, executive director, and other members of the Association, including engagement with youth…

A document detailing the organizations that provide funding for the Watts Labor Community Action Committee, its goals/objectives, ongoing projects with an inclusion of their sponsored development plan, the Community Conservation Corps.

A booklet publicizing the accomplishments of the Watts Labor Community Action Committee's youth programs and the Urban Residential Educational Center.

Booklet regarding Watts 1965, which includes the sections: "What was the Position of the Communists on the Events", The Worker's "Cops and Troops Slay 26" and William C. Taylor's Radio Talk "Upsurge in South Los Angeles"

A pamphlet that gives context to Proposition 14, a statewide ballot voted on in November 1964. The proposition is an amendment that would undo the progress of the Fair Housing Law, or the Rumford Act, which was enacted in June 1963.

The group who…

A report issued by the Governor's commission documenting the events during the Watts uprising.

Interview with Los Angeles Police Chief Parker about the political and logistical challenges of modern urban policing and how they apply to his department's work.

Outlines the intricacies of African American families, their struggle, and their history in the United States.
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