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Article about teens and young adults in Watts who applied to work on a 10-week Community Conservation Corps project developed by the Watts Labor Community Action Committee.

Provides an overview of different community and governmental initiatives of the Greater Los Angeles Urban League, including employment training and education.

A speech presented at the conference on "Labor and the War Against Poverty" (April 19-20, 1965) printed by the University of California, Berkeley. Details the national struggles and stances (politically) with poverty, and provides suggestions on how…

A newspaper article about the Watts Labor Community Action Council's plan for the development of a neighborhood "Youth Corps" program, to be hosted at Camp Roberts.

An editorial for the Watts Conference Supplement covering the history of Watts and Los Angeles, including sociological, economics and laws all leading to the "Watts Uprising" of 1965

An explanation of and an invitation for community involvement with youth arts and crafts program in Watts. The Community Arts and Crafts Program was started by two Community Action aides who wished to engage youths who were "hanging around the agency…

A pamphlet encouraging Westminster, Los Angeles residents to seek the aid of programs established by these communities including food preparation, budgeting, working with senior citizens, youth programs, with the hopes to raise the economic, social…

A document detailing the organizations that provide funding for the WLCAC, its goals/objectives, ongoing projects with an inclusion of their sponsored development plan the Community Conservation Corps.
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