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"Negro perceptions of support, meaning and outcome of the Los Angeles riot" will be explored by compiling statistical information, obtained from two data sources, random curfew residents and a sample of persons actually arrested.

A report detailing the percentages of participants in the 1965 Watts uprising , and the links between participation and poverty and unemployment.

A speech presented at the conference on "Labor and the War Against Poverty" (April 19-20, 1965) printed by the University of California, Berkeley. Details the national struggles and stances (politically) with poverty, and provides suggestions on how…

A periodical that addresses issues of labor, unions, unemployment, and Black Angelenos and their struggles with housing, education, employment, and mistreatment by the police.

A census derived publication providing statistical reports on the population, employment, unemployment, income, housing and education of California's Black Community in the 1960s.

A document discussing the program structure, admission requirements, and changes in legislation that have allowed for the creation of child care center programs, later rebranded as Children's Centers, which provide supervision and instruction for the…

A report issued by the Governor's commission documenting the events during the Watts uprising.

A pamphlet that discusses the crisis children of color face in Los Angeles schools and how they are unjustly being relegated to exploitative, underfunded special education programs.

A booklet publicizing the accomplishments of the Watts Labor Community Action Committee's youth programs and the Urban Residential Educational Center.

An article that reexamines the "Watts Rebellion" 7 years after the fact, noting that the flood of "investigations that came to Watts loaded with government grants" often failed to view black Watts residents "as anything more than objects to be…
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