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Article about teens and young adults in Watts who applied to work on a 10-week Community Conservation Corps project developed by the Watts Labor Community Action Committee.

Provides an overview of different community and governmental initiatives of the Greater Los Angeles Urban League, including employment training and education.

Also known as the "Moynihan Report"

A report issued by the Governor's Commission documenting the events during the "Watts Riot" as well as information on employment, education, law enforcement, welfare and public transportation in the Watts community.

Report reviewing and forecasting economic conditions by industry in California for 1964-1965, with particular attention paid to how population growth and technological change are affecting employment patterns.

A report detailing the percentages of participants in the "Watts Riot" of 1965, and the links of participants to poverty and lack of employment. Details include percentages of witness reports from participants, non participants, and responding…

A speech presented at the conference on "Labor and the War Against Poverty" (April 19-20, 1965) printed by the University of California, Berkeley. Details the national struggles and stances (politically) with poverty, and provides suggestions on how…

A periodical that addresses issues of class, unemployment, labor unions, "a look at negro leadership," and other subjects pertaining to communism, labor, and race.

A periodical that discusses the rights of Black workers across the United States, Marxist values, a "socialist consciousness," union activity, and the Communist Party.

A periodical that addresses issues of labor unions, unemployment, and the difficulties Black Angelenos face, including issues of housing, education, employment, and mistreatment by the police.
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