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A document detailing the process of neighborhood integration, including housing prices, the buying process, and market conditions.

A legal document which appeals discrimination in housing.

A document that provides questions and answers regarding the Rumford Fair Housing Act.

A document providing information on the proposed housing initiative and the human rights commission in Los Angeles, California.

A letter detailing the effects of the City Council upon the poor communities of Los Angeles, including their opposition to the Fair Housing Act, and Fair Employment Act.

Bradley, running for City Councilman's Office, also asks for aid and…

An editorial for the Watts Conference Supplement covering the history of Watts and Los Angeles, including sociological, economics and laws all leading to the "Watts Uprising" of 1965

A pamphlet that gives context to Proposition 14, a statewide ballot voted on in November 1964. The proposition is an amendment that would undo the progress of the Fair Housing Law, or the Rumford Act, which was enacted in June 1963.

The group who…
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