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A periodical that addresses issues of class, unemployment, labor unions, "a look at negro leadership," and other subjects pertaining to communism and race

A periodical that addresses the rights of Black workers across the U.S., Marxist values, "socialist consciousness," union activity, the Communist Party, and jazz and culture

A periodical that addresses issues of labor, unions, unemployment, and Black Angelenos and their struggles with housing, education, employment, and mistreatment by the police.

An article on the relations between the communist party in America and Black Americans and the classification of Black Americans through a Marxist lens as an oppressed people.

A printed rebuttle to Herbert Apthekcers' positive reading of the "Watts Uprising" as causing improvement in the community ("The Watts Ghetto Uprising" published in Political Affairs, October and November 1965), and Ben Dobbs' understanding that…

A document outlining the 1965 "Watts Uprising", causes, reactions, demands of the Black Community and suggestions on rebuilding the "negro"- white alliance as told by the Communist Party.
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