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An article on the relations between the communist party in America and Black Americans and the classification of Black Americans through a Marxist lens as an oppressed people.

An instance by instance account of what happened before, during, and after the Century City Peace March.

A timeline of the involvement of the Lieutenant Governor Anderson's calling of the National Guard to the "Watts Riots." Commentary is provided by Anderson.

A letter detailing the effects of the City Council upon the poor communities of Los Angeles, including their opposition to the Fair Housing Act, and Fair Employment Act.

Bradley, running for City Councilman's Office, also asks for aid and…

A census derived publication providing statistical reports on the population, employment, unemployment, income, housing and education of California's Black Community in the 1960s.

A legal document which appeals discrimination in housing.

A document discussing the program structure, admission requirements, and changes in legislation that have allowed for the creation of child care center programs, later rebranded as Children's Centers, which provide supervision and instruction for the…

A pamphlet that gives context to Proposition 14, a statewide ballot voted on in November 1964. The proposition is an amendment that would undo the progress of the Fair Housing Law, or the Rumford Act, which was enacted in June 1963.

The group who…

Flyer for open event taking place on September 30, October 1, and October 2, 1966 discussing political action taken before 1966 gubernatorial race between Ronald Reagan and Pat Brown. Topics mentioned include anti-war demonstrations, the farm…

Interview with Los Angeles Police Chief Parker about the political and logistical challenges of modern urban policing and how they apply to his department's work.
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