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Much of the journal focuses on arrest and trial statistics following the events of the 1965 Watts Uprising. Also included is a study/poll measuring different attitudes of black Watts residents in Crenshaw, Watts, and other South Central neighborhoods…

Newsletter for the Westminster Neighborhood Association informing community members of the actions taken in the community and statewide by Archie Hardwick, executive director, and other members of the Association, including engagement with youth…

A pamphlet that gives context to Proposition 14, a statewide ballot voted on in November 1964. The proposition is an amendment that would undo the progress of the Fair Housing Law, or the Rumford Act, which was enacted in June 1963.

The group who…

A letter that pleads to its recipients the case of Philip Bentley Brooks, who, according to the letter "is being scapegoated to provide a Negro 'murderer' whose alleged killing of a white man might seem to justify the large-scale killing of Negroes…

An article that reexamines the "Watts Rebellion" 7 years after the fact, noting that the flood of "investigations that came to Watts loaded with government grants" often failed to view black Watts residents "as anything more than objects to be…

These articles that discuss the "Watts Riots" and its immediate aftermath. Topics include: The first meeting and agenda items for the McCone Commission, i.e. acquiring space, staff, and resources for planned three month inquiry as well as Gov.…

A document detailing the organizations that provide funding for the Watts Labor Community Action Committee, its goals/objectives, ongoing projects with an inclusion of their sponsored development plan, the Community Conservation Corps.

A document outlining the 1965 "Watts Uprising", causes, reactions, demands of the Black Community and suggestions on rebuilding the "negro"- white alliance as told by the Communist Party.

A press release regarding the defense of Philip Bentley Brooks who was accused of murdering a deputy sheriff during the "Watts Uprising". The document provides case details, comments from his attorney, Kenneth Thomas, and requests for funding from…

Booklet regarding Watts 1965, which includes the sections: "What was the Position of the Communists on the Events", The Worker's "Cops and Troops Slay 26" and William C. Taylor's Radio Talk "Upsurge in South Los Angeles"
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