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A timeline of the involvement of the LT. Governor Anderson's calling of the National Guard to the "Watts Riots," with commentary provided by Lt. Governor Glenn Anderson at a building dedication in Glendora, CA. (Add in "policy, or procedure"

A printed sermon regarding not only police brutality but the brutality of the systems of local, state and federal governments suppressing peoples; asks for support for the Watts and South Los Angeles black community through donation of money, time,…

An informational "open letter to an American Community" which counsels Anglo citizens on ways to react to new trends in migration, particularly more 'visible' minorities moving into their neighborhoods.

A document providing information on the proposed housing initiative and activities and programs endorsed by the Human Rights Commission in Los Angeles, California.

Watts neighborhood prior to the “Riots.” Young boy riding scooter.

Watts neighborhood prior to the “Riots.” Five boys smile and post for the camera.

Watts neighborhood prior to the “Riots.” A broken business sign that seems to read, "Money to Loan."

Report on the State of California 1965-1966 budget provided to the California Legislature.

"Riots" related damage to the Watts neighborhood.

"Riot" related damage to the Watts neighborhood.
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